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July 23, 2006 – A journey to Sinai Desert, Egypt in Africa

A Hot Desert Trek

More heat! We went on a desert trek with a Bedouin family in the Sinai Desert. The first day's destination was to the Bedouin family's oasis home. We passed gorgeous and varied desert landscape. Thank goodness for a slight breeze because the heat was getting to me (which began four weeks ago starting in Rajasthan, India).

a Bedouin boy offering some water before the trek

windcarved (maybe watercarved too in the past??) boulders

descending down into a smooth canyon

fox tracks – they actually live in this desolate desert

canyon to the Bedouin oasis home

red hand prints above different-shaded layers

Bedouin oasis home

Bedouin girl standing before sleeping and eating area
(Note that it is possible to sleep with just a sleepsheet at night in the desert during this time of year!)

Since Rick and I were pretty tired from our excursions in Egypt, we decided to get camels for the second day of the trek. The Bedouin camels look much different than the ones in India. They seem to be smaller and with less hair. In any case, I still think they're quite cute.

The highlight of the second day's trek was going through Egypt's Wadi Rum (Jordan has one too, which I heard is more spectacular).

Bedouin guys getting our camels ready

on the road again

squeeze through this!

camel riders through Wadi Rum

me and my camel's shadows in the late afternoon

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