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July 21, 2006 – A journey to Mount Sinai, Egypt in Africa

A Powerful Message at the Top

Been feeling rather dull lately in the spiritual department. Was hoping to get spiritual, especially since the area I'm traveling in is considered as part of the Holy Land. Though day by day I’m feeling less so. Not sure if it’s from the weary of travel or what.

In order to make the climb to the top of Mt. Sinai before sunrise, got up a few hours before dawn at 1:40 am after an one hour listless nap.

After finally reaching the top with a small group, we were all pretty much left in the dark still.

I waited and waited and waited in the cold till I could wait no more. Started to head back down after the sky had been lightened by daylight, but with a fog-covered sun at the horizon. Right around the bend going down, lo and behold, stumbled upon a bright red glowing sun peaking above from the clouds. A devout Christian man pulled out his Bible and read the passage about Moses climbing Mt. Sinai and receiving the Ten Commandments.

Perfect timing.

A powerful message.

sun up

a thank you to the messenger from Tennessee

the Steps of Repentance leading to the top of Mt. Sinai (took them going down)

prayer notes under the Burning Bush at St. Catherine's Monastery (located at the foot of Mt. Sinai)

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