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July 13, 2006 – A journey to Aswan, Egypt in Africa

Aswan, In Nubian Country

We overnight-trained into the predominantly Nubian town of Aswan. Had my first physical contact with the famous Nile River that I've been reading about since I was a child. A bit tired from the fast pace of traveling the last few days, we decided to skip a visit to the temples of Abu Simbel and just kick back for a little bit. (Though, if it was February or October 22nd, I would've gone just to witness the sunlight hitting a certain area in the temples).

One afternoon, I decided to go hunt for a few souvenirs at the town's bazaar, Sharia As-souq, with a couple of fellow travellers. I've always wondered how people can bargain with a smile. The way I haggle is usually quick and fast. Andrea can sure bargain with a smile – very funny to watch, since she carries pretty hilarious conversations with the touts.

'Welcome to my store!,' exclaims this shopkeeper on the main bazaar street in town

at dinner with a Nubian family on one of the islands in the Nile on a very warm evening

Egyptians like to have their pictures taken with you (hope to send some when I get back). So far, it's been a warm welcome in this country. This morning, while Rick and I were buying some water and drinks for a three-day cruise down the Nile by felucca. We were invited to breakfast by a couple of Egyptian guys that were having falafel and bread on the shop's floor. They offered us some falafel balls, which were delicious! We would've stayed longer, but we had to go catch our felucca.

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