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July 20, 2006 – A journey to Dahab, Egypt in Africa

Dahab, a Desert Town by a Beautiful Living Sea

Luckily, the ferry from Hurghada made it over to Sharm El-Sheikh without turning around from choppy waters (a very high percentage for not making it over exists). Got on a bus headed for Dahab after the ferry docked at the port.

yay! nothing like seeing clear blue waters again

a bay of beautiful blue hues surrounded by the seaside town of Dahab

can also see the mountains of Saudi Arabia from here

That afternoon, went on a one-tank shore dive. Found it interesting that most of the scuba diving here is done from shore (been used to boat dives at most dive spots around the world so far). First they take a jeep to the dive spot and then enter from shore. Regardless of how the diving's done, all I could say is that the diving is superb. Much of the coral reef, even from the shore, still is in pristine conditions. The sea life seems to be mostly tropical, with quite a few lionfish, napoleans, angelfish, and such.

also found it a bit ironic that right next to a sea full of life is a really dry, rocky mountainous desert

Went snorkeling the next day at the Blue Hole. The sea life in the coral reefs that form a hole from the shore are even more colorful and intact over here. Would've loved to have done a dive here, but snorkeling was just as brilliant.

a photo of Dahab’s Blue Hole – under the waters lie a cornucopia of colorful fish, coral, and sea anemone

It didn't occur to me that some crazy terrorists bombed a part of this quaint little town just a few months ago (April 24, 2006 to be exact). The memorial by the bridge in addition to pretty empty streets reminded me of what had sadly happened there.

I can only ponder why...

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