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July 15, 2006 – A journey to The Nile, Egypt in Africa

Felucca-ing Up the Nile

Rick was dreading this part of the trip (he didn't actually know what a felucca was at the time when we signed up), but I’m glad he actually went on the felucca with me. Of course, he had to bring a lot of beer and a bottle of rum for the three nights and three days. So we set off for Luxor from Aswan, with a couple of stops at the famous Temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu along the way.

one of the many carvings on a hypostyle at the Temple of Kom Ombo (can you believe that the colors are still intact?)

perfume recipes in the Perfume and Incense Room in the Temple of Edfu

I didn’t know what to expect really. I thought cruising down the Nile by felucca would be similar to the Mekong River long-tailed boat trip in Lao. So far, I’ve been enjoying the felucca cruise mainly due to the love for sailing. Who doesn’t enjoy a motorless sail with water lapping by the sides of the boat and a nice gentle breeze? Not to mention the great peaceful scenery on both sides of the river: ruins, tombs, temples, local kids waving, all sorts of animals wandering around (camels, donkeys, cows, dogs), palm trees, sand banks, small villages, desert towns with colorful block-shaped houses, sunrises, and sunsets.

the Nubian sailors sail the feluccas in a zigzag fashion along the Nile

our Nubian captain

Took a refreshing dip in the cold water the Nile offered from the soaring midday’s heat.

can see lots of little blue-grey fish and algae further into the Nile

In the evening, listened to some great drumming and singing from the Nubian sailors around a bright orange campfire. Back on the boat for some shuteye, can actually see the night sky laced with constellations, the Milky Way, bright planets, and at the time, a full midsummer moon. The lapping of water against the river’s shore, the natural sounds of geckos, frogs, a cricket orchestra, hee-hawing donkeys, and exotic birds along with the call of prayer from the mosques in the small villages along the Nile lulled me to sleep.

a Nubian fire

I know I’ll be thinking and dreaming about days and nights like these...

an Egyptian sunrise on the Nile at our final destination, Luxor

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