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July 17, 2006 – A journey to Luxor, Egypt in Africa

Luxor, A Town Of Many Many Many Ancient Sites

Luxor turned out to be quite an interesting town dotted with ancient archaelogical sites. On the East Bank lies the touristy section, where it's pretty modernized. On the West Bank is where the locals live – some still in the traditional way. Once in town, we went to visit the Karnak Temple.

a statue of Pharaoh Rameses and a smaller statue of his royal wife at the thousands of years old Karnak Temple

The next morning, we took a memorable donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings. This was my first time on a donkey, and I enjoyed the ride a whole lot more than on a horse. Maybe it's because it's closer to the ground on a donkey, which reduces my fear of falling during the ride.

The Valley of the Kings is called such due to the many tombs of pharaohs that lay there. So far, archaeologists have excavated 63 of them with 11 more to go. We visited the inside of three emptied-out tombs. The ones we've visited seem to be very well preserved with carvings and colors still intact. I actually found the tombs more interesting than some of the temples.

an entrance to a pharoah's tomb (photos within the tombs are not allowed)

Afterward, we climbed a steep mountain to the other side. The Valley of Queens and the living quarters and tombs of the ancient Egyptian artists who worked on the Valley of the Kings tombs are located there.

got a spectacular view from above of all the tombs sites

view of the artist tombs and living quarters

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