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October 29, 2005 – A journey to Xian, China in Asia

A Cancelled Flight Situation

Made it to the Xian airport in time for the flight at 1pm. Unfortunately, the flight got cancelled and the next one was scheduled at 6:50pm. A big angry mob of locals ensued quite quickly in front of the China Eastern Airlines booth. While this was going on, we saw three (white) Americans that were also on the same flight, getting ushered away by a CEA rep. Rick and I then went to another CEA booth and asked to be put on an earlier flight. The CEA rep said no, all flights till 6:50pm were full. We then spoke with the three Americans and found out that they were put on an earlier flight. We then went back to another CEA rep who said that there were a couple of open spots for an earlier flight. Since she was busy with another customer, we had to deal with the CEA rep we talked to in the first place. She again told us no. Rick told her that 1) the other rep said that there were open spots for an earlier flight and 2) we're American and how come those three Americans were able to get on an earlier flight. After a few more minutes of arguing with that CEA rep, she finally relented when we got both the other CEA rep that told us there were open spots for an earlier flight as well as the CEA rep that helped the three Americans involved. In the meantime, the big angry local mob were only given a free lunch and 400 yuan back each. What a bloody nightmare.

After the ordeal, we were all ushered to an airport hotel for the free lunch on CEA. By this time, we befriended the three Americans (they helped us by having their CEA rep help us). They went to put away their luggage, while we went to get a table for five. But no, the restaurant said we can't get a table of five to ourselves, and that we must share with others. We were even persistent about this. So we went back to the lobby to wait for the three Americans. They came and we entered the restaurant again. And we got a table for five to ourselves.

Discrimination by our own people towards our own people?

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