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October 22, 2005 – A journey to Beijing, China in Asia

Beijing: Not All Under Construction

Although many of the sites are being renovated for the Bejing Olympics in 2008, many of the sections of these sites are still open for viewing.

Kunming Lake and bridge at the Summer Palace

Summer Palace's Long Corridor (longest in the world I believe)

Houhai, otherwise known as Lotus Lane, a renovated old part of Beijing lined with upscale restaurants, coffee shops, and bars - many foreigners hang here (kind of like Xintiandi in Shanghai)

view of the south section of Donghuaming Cultural Park

small area of souvenir stands located off Wangfujing, Beijing's main shopping area

Tienamen Square at night

garden area in the Forbidden City

opened area in the Forbidden City

opened area in the Temple of Heaven

Great Wall of China

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