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October 14, 2005 – A journey to Shanghai, China in Asia

Going For A Ride In Shanghai

Flew into Shanghai from Tokyo and took the crazy No. 2 bus from the airport to Jinan Temple. Too bad I couldn't get any good shots of the ride. I was sitting in the front, right behind the bus driver. It's really hard not to notice the driving, especially when you're in that seat. Not sure if everyone knows this, but China is notorious for insane drivers. I noticed this particularly in Shanghai.

On this ride, which isn't really all that different from the other rides I've taken (this being my third on the No. 2), the bus driver was zooming in and out of traffic all over the place during rush hour. Many times, he was only a few centimeters away from crashing into other drivers, especially when changing lanes. And this is a bus, mind you, full of passengers from the airport. Good thing he got us to Jinan Temple in record time and in one piece.

Grabbed a taxi next to the final destination for the night. Before entering the taxi, a whole bunch of kids stuck a bunch of business cards in the backpacks and then threw some more through the taxi's windows. We zoomed some more through people, bicycles, moped, cars, taxis, buses, and other traffic. A blur of bright lights, tall skyscrapers and buildings, and crowds whooshed by. Finally arrived at the accommodation.

Welcome to Shanghai.

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