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October 15, 2005 – A journey to Shanghai, China in Asia

Have You Been Shanghai-ed Lately?

tasting shiao long bao (crab and pork dumplings filled with soup, you have to eat it with a spoon - the one on the bottom left already popped)

taking the metro during rush hour

trying stinky tofu at a street stand

wandering around in an empty upscale mall

observing beautiful old buildings being torn down for the new

walking under bamboo ladders used for construction of new buildings or renovations

having coffee ontop the Peace Hotel, overlooking the Bund (the symbol of Shanghai)

shopping on Nanjing Lu

Walking the Bund at night...

Shanghai is one revitalizing city, always on the constant move of change and replacing the old with the new.

For example, this year, they've actually added traffic cops - and that is an amazing improvement. The traffic cops haven't started issuing tickets or warnings yet, but have begun stopping violaters and directing the flow of traffic. I remember last year, you were basically on your own in terms of crossing the street. This means trying to haul-ass through aggressive drivers that are honking at you, bicyclists and moped/motorcyclists that just keep on going, and learning to ignore traffic and crosswalk signals (because no one pays attention to them). I've escaped quite a few collisions countless of times until I got with the program. Drivers and cyclists come straight at you without stopping or even slowing down sometimes. Although walking with the locals help, it's not always possible. You literally have to go with the flow.

I also noticed that the city has installed recycling bins too (yay!).

But no one seems to know how to use them properly yet... Hopefully by next year?

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