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April 7, 2006 – A journey to Shanghai, China in Asia

Shanghai Spring

After coming from a warm and sunny place (Rio de Janeiro in the midst of summer), to a month of nonstop, cold rainy weather in northern California, it was nice to finally reach a part of the world that's a little warmer. Shanghai.

I've never been in Shanghai in the springtime. I don't know what it is, but all I could say is that this metropolis is quite different during this time of year. The skies are bluer, people are less hurried, and the air less acrid and a bit fresher. You can even hear the birds sing at dawn amongst the tall skyscapers.

my first witness of a smogless, blue sky in Shanghai

Shanghai really has kept on advancing by leaps and bounds since the last time I was here, which was only less than a year ago. Old houses are being torn down for new developments (though I quite enjoy the old housing structures of Shanghai). Traffic seems to be much more organized and less insane, in comparison to when I was here in the autumn of 2004 (almost got ran over many times). And I see less rubbish and spit on the ground.

old houses being torn down for new developments

You know when a city has urbanized itself is when you can buy the products you just brought from home (because you couldn't readily get it in Shanghai the last time you were here) in the new western/Japanese-style supermarket next door.

Shanghai has always been an international city advancing into the future. Though, I do hope that the city can preserve some of the old historical buildings and still keep its old charm and unique cosmopolitan culture intact!

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