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November 4, 2005 – A journey to Suzhou, China in Asia

Suzhou: Garden Central

Took the 2 1/2 hour soft seat train from Nanjing to Suzhou. Suzhou is known for its many beautiful classical stone gardens as well as other types, quality silk, tasty food, and beautiful women.

Arrived at Humble Administrator's Garden, one of the top four Unesco-recognized classical stone gardens in Suzhou, and found it fully under construction. Luckily, the Lion's Head Garden, another one of the four, was close by. Upon entering the garden, we were confronted with many beautiful naturally stone structures that dotted the garden.

We went to another garden near Tiger Hill (not a classical stone one) via one of those 3-wheeled-carts pulled by a bicyclist. Unfortunately, I never knew the name of this garden. Not a biggie since the garden isn't really worth mentioning about (in my personal opinion).

The next morning, we went to the Master of the Nets Garden, another one of the four Unesco-recognized. It was listed in Lonely Planet as the best of all classical stone gardens. But I didn't think it was as great as Lion's Head. Humble Administrator's looked like it even would've been better.

Note that the entrance prices for these gardens are listed incorrectly in the LP China book. The prices are double or triple than what's listed. Also note that Lion's Head Garden isn't listed in LP China.

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