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October 19, 2005 – A journey to Zhujiajiao, China in Asia

Zhujiajiao: An Ancient Water Canal Town

Less than a couple of hours by bus away from Shanghai, I visited a preserved water canal town called Zhujiajiao. Many of the Shanghainese consider this place as the countryside, which I found pretty funny, since the town is so close to the big metropolis.

entering Zhujiajiao

Zhujiajiao is pretty similar to Zhouzhuang, another water canal town I visited last year (2-3 hours away from Shanghai via bus). Zhouzhuang is a lot older and greyer in looks, and a lot more crowded due to its larger fame. On the other hand, Zhujiajiao looks a lot brighter, cleaner, and wider. I wonder if they've just renovated the little town. I've never been to Venice, but Zhujiajiao is supposedly like the Chinese version.

view from teahouse

a water taxi in front of what looks like freshly painted buildings with newly tiled roofs

A great activity to do here is to try the local fare. That's what many of the Shanghainese people do for a short weekend trip I heard. You may have to be quite adventurous for certain dishes though.

fatty pork wrapped in bamboo leaves and slowly cooked in a soy sauce based broth

"tipang" or fatty pork shoulder slowly cooked in a soy sauce based broth

cute fish that looks related to the puffer, turned into a local dish (the dish on the right, next to the eel)

a plate of snails

delicious country dishes (local greens, bamboo, small water canal shrimp)

You can wander through many of the streets and alleys, admiring the architecture in Zhujiajiao.

living here is actually quite expensive

house with blue-sky window frames

quite enjoyable walking through small streets like these

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