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June 23, 2006 – A journey to Bikaner, India in Asia

Getting Hot Over Here In Bikaner

The next town, Bikaner, turned out to be much bigger and chaotic. Being closer to the Thar Desert makes it a whole lot hotter and drier (40+ degrees Celsius) than Delhi and Mandawa. Bikaner is the home to the red sandstone Junagarh Fort, and also was on the great caravan trade routes in the old days.

Suraj Pol (Sun Gate) entrance to Junagarh Fort

Had lunch in the main town, and got it under a couple of bucks (so far it's been around ten bucks per meal). While in town, we got bombarded by long stares, touts, and beggars again. Overwhelming to walk around and be the only foreigners there (especially just coming from a tourist-traversed country). Worth seeing though, because there aren't too many places in the world where you can see cows hanging out in the streets, people in traditional dress, stray dogs sleeping under cars, open sewers, and a wide range of traffic which included tuk-tuks, camels, motorbikes, donkeys, and big trucks with "honk me" graffiti on the back of them.

this is actually a pretty tame street scene

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