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June 22, 2006 – A journey to Mandawa, India in Asia

Mandawa, A City Of Havelis (Living Art Quarters)

We entered the small desert town of Mandawa to see intricately detailed and designed havelis. Havelis are old homes that are pretty much living art museums. A guide showed us some of the open havelis that were situated around the winding dirtpath streets.

view of town – mostly all of these are havelis

renovated detailed art of the entrance to Shekhawat Haveli

one of the courtyards in an old haveli

you can even stay in one (this is one of the rooms in Hotel Heritage Mandawa)

Walking around Mandawa made me feel really remote. I did not see most people in modern attire, any souvenir shops/stands, any tall modern city buildings, backpacker hangouts, much less another foreigner. This place definitely is no Khao San Road!

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