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October 11, 2005 – A journey to Matsushima Bay, Japan in Asia

A Sleepy Fishing Town

Had some extra time before heading off to our first onsen and ryokan experience in Tazawako. So we decided to make a mini-excursion to Matsushima Bay, noted by Japan as one of the three most scenic spots.

Took a funny little old train (covered by JR!) and arrived at the north entrance of the sleepy seaside town in about twenty minutes. Note to self: do not take the Tohuku line to the north entrance, Matsushima-eki, which is a fifteen-minute walk to where most of the sites are. Instead, take the Seiseki line to the south entrance, Matsushima kaigan-eki. Because we had to take a bus from the north station that stopped at quite a few hotels before it dropped us off at the center of sites, we missed our chance of going on a 50-minute ferry ride around the bay (had to be at that onsen-ryokan in Tazawako at a specific time in order to not miss the onsen bus).

For the rest of the time there, we wandered around some of the sites on foot: Date Masamune's Zuigan-ji Temple, Godaido bridge and small temple, and a teahouse that migrated from Kyoto. Note that there's some street food you can try for cheap. On the other hand, for a seaside town, many of the restaurants offered quite pricey seafood.

looking out at Matsushima Bay

in Zuigan-ji temple area

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