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October 14, 2005 – A journey to Tokyo, Japan in Asia

Akihabara Police

For the last day in Japan and Tokyo, I was hoping we would be able to explore more of Tokyo. First we walked to the Imperial Palace (note that it's mostly closed, but the gardens are open everyday except for Mondays, Fridays and holidays).

Imperial Palace from a distance (looks like Himeji doesn't it?)

But we only got as far as Akihabara. Rick had a little run-in with the police there, which ruined his mood for seeing the rest of Tokyo for the rest of the day. We were walking into Akihabara town from the station when Rick was approached by four men in suits with police badges. They started aggressively interrogating him for identification and reason for being in Japan. I thought it was strange, since I never expected a situation like this happening in Japan. Fortunately, the undercover police let him go (they actually apologized informally afterward).

Akihabara, very colorful

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