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September 30, 2006 – A journey to Kanto region, Japan in Asia

Just Can't Get Enough

No, Rick just can't get enough of Japan - which is great - I'm all for the incredible culture, awesome scenery, and not to mention the excellent cuisine!

Since we've allocated about five days, we traveled mostly near and around Tokyo in the Kanto region. Some photos:

Tokyo - big city composed of many unique neighborhoods

foot traffic in Shibuya

an autumn festival parade around the parks in Shibuya

an intricately carved lantern and a view of the inside of the entrance to Meiji Jingu

a guy taking a photograph of a clown in Yoyogi Park

Elvis impersonators in Yoyogi Park

sitting on the steps of the entrance to Sensoji Temple in old Tokyo area, Asakusa

Hakone - hot springs relaxation area with a great view of Mt. Fuji

serene view of a river, bridge, and mountains

refreshing green tea and manju pastry (look how cute it is - shaped like a temple!)

delicious multi-course dinner at a Hakone hot springs ryokan

Kamakura - preserved ancient town by the sea

the Great Buddha

ocean and beach (looks similar to California beaches)

tasty local specialties - red bean and wheat mochi desserts


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