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October 10, 2005 – A journey to Kyoto, Japan in Asia

Kyoto: Do Not Book In A Crap Location

The morning of the second day in Kyoto was a bit messed up in terms of timing. Being so used to the fast and on-time bullet trains, taking the bus towards the next Kyoto accommodation was not so much fun. We ended up at Kyoto Station instead of stopping at this other street where we were supposed to stop at (where the hostel was), and took a fifteen-minutes walk with our heavy backpacks to it.

Heading towards the hostel, the streets turned grummier and darker. Figured we were a bit bored with Kyoto and templed out, we ended up paying the cancellation fee for the crappy hostel (K's House – don't stay there – it's out of the way and all the Internet and bus fees you'll be paying to see Kyoto will equate to staying at a place more central).

We dropped off the backpacks at a baggage storage at Kyoto Station and headed for Himeji Castle without any reservations for the night - a bit intimidating since it seems like bookings are most often made in advance in Japan, especially in the big cities.

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