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October 10, 2005 – A journey to Sendai, Japan in Asia

Sendai, City Suburb

Arrived in Sendai during rush hour with no reserved seats, which meant standing or sitting in between the trains the whole way. Sendai Station was quite huge as well, but not as dazzling as Kyoto Station and definitely not as complicated as Tokyo Station.

view of Sendai from the station

Sendai is a major port, a gateway to many nearby onsens or hot springs accommodations (found out about this later - you can find bargains in the papers and magazines), as well as a big college town.

We headed straight for one of the Toyoko Inn Sendai branches and luckily got settled in. Then we went for a quick bite to eat at an okonomiyaki shop, as well as toured the streets of Sendai a bit. My first impression was that Sendai is definitely a college town. Students in uniforms and young people filled the streets on bikes, skateboards, and by foot, even late at night.

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