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October 9, 2005 – A journey to Hida Takayama, Japan in Asia

Takayama Autumn Festival

After another filling breakfast, we headed for the Takayama Autumn Festival held at Yatakaikan Temple.

Passed by the Morning Market near the river along the way, where people were setting up their stands. Too bad we were too full, because it was an excellent opportunity to try out their diverse variety of regional snacks! Very tempted though.

Headed up on the main street to Yatakaikan Temple. Crowds were already forming at around eight in the morning.

All of the eleven floats were out with people pulling them.

They were beautifully decorated and quite amazingly detailed.

A great amount of excitement and buzzing energy were in the air! Very lucky to have experienced one of Japan's famed festivals. Excellent timing as I didn't know about the festival until a week or so before departure. I didn't know what to expect from a Japanese festival either. The festival gave me the feeling of traditional Japan (I was expecting this from Kyoto but unfortunately did not find it there). You can definitely see the care and detail they dedicate into their festivities. Had the opportunity to see the practices for another festival in Shirakawa-go (their festival is a week later) the night before, but missed them due to jet lag catching up. Darn!

After perusing through the festival, we headed for Kyoto. Decided to skip the mini-excursion to Hida Village, since I read that it's quite similar to Shirakawa-go Ogimachi.

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