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October 7, 2005 – A journey to Tokyo, Japan in Asia

Tsujiki Fish Market

After a great night's sleep, we got up around four in the morning naturally and got ready to go check out the Tsujiki Fish Market around 5am. Tsujiki Fish Market is the port of where Japan gets a majority of their seafood as well as other foods. What a crazy place to see so much going on at that time in the morning! I heard that many of the fish marketers start as early as 2am. So much action went on – bidding, buying, people scurrying around in mini-mechanical cars, and so forth. The amount and diversity of seafood is incredible.

See that blue and aqua mechanical cart on the lower left side corner? There are hundreds of them scurrying around.

After all that excitement, we slurped up some hot, delicious raamen from a street stall vendor before catching the 6:36am train from Tokyo Station towards the final destination for the day, Shirakawa-go Ogimachi. One note to self when catching a JR train near the morning rush hour: reserve the seats – this can be done at any JR station at any time when they're open. The earlier the reservations are done, the better of course. We ended up standing for some of the ride.

Via the bullet train going west, we saw the scenery change from big city to suburbs to small towns to farmland and then to mountains and rivers.

On the way to Takayama...

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