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April 24, 2006 – A journey to Vientane, Laos in Asia

Capital Vientane

The slow-paced lifestyle experienced since the Mekong cruise to Luang Prabang made it feel like I was there for a good month or so, even though it had only been around five days. So, it felt like being awoken from a good dream after entering Lao's capital of Vientane. Vientane is pretty modernized in comparison to what I've seen in Lao (which was mostly rural/small townish settings). The city is also not that aesthetically pleasing to the eye in comparison. Toured the city on foot, but didn't find it as interesting as Luang Prabang. Quite a few wats dot the city, but not with the same feel.

back to reality

Victory Monument

Did get to watch some traditional Lao dancing, which I missed in Luang Prabang (I recommend Dou Bua in Luang Prabang, which has replaced La Villa Sinxay I believe). Looks a bit similar to Thai and Cambodian dancing, but not really. As the silly saying goes in Southeast Asia, "same same, but different."

traditional Lao dancers

first taste of blue sticky rice – couldn't tell the difference from the regular sticky rice (main staple of Lao people), but it's got a beautiful color

got to taste Lao's version of the "everything" sandwich from the PVO sandwich shop – different from the Vietnamese-style sandwiches back at home

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