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June 20, 2006 – A journey to Kawthoung, Myanmar in Asia

A Day in Southern Myanmar

Longtailed-boated into Kawthoung (aka, Victoria Point) for a day to get a taste of Myanmar. Rick met a local kid named Ali who showed us around. Quite a few markets and shops dot the streets in the little town, along with a few wats and a mosque. Men in Burmese longyi or a long plaid sarong, women with painted faces and in sarongs, Muslim men with long robes and white caps, Muslim women with head coverings and long sarongs, orange and maroon-robed monks, and local fishermen milled about.

Ali with Kawthoung pier in the background

a mosque, a street marker, and a wat

a Burmese fisherman in longyi

Although the town has Thai influence (i.e., they use Thai baht as currency), Kawthoung is still quite different. Can see some Burmese culture and customs just by walking around town past the pier and into the religious sites, shops, and restaurants.

How much do you about KawThoung?I was born in KawThoung.Moreover,I'm a burmese and buddist.If you want to know better about this little town,contact me on I live there,No(20),Bogyoke Rd,AungTHuKha Qr.KawThoung.
Commented by EDDIE LATT on 09-02-07 05:26:20

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