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November 11, 2005 – A journey to Jiufen, Taiwan in Asia

Getting To Ninefen

Rick: I'm feeling a little better, let's go to Jiufen today.

Me: Okay, sounds good.

waiting at the Taipei train station for the train to Riefung

inside the train, looks similar to the interior of some bullet trains in Japan

Upon arrival at Rueifang, we wait at the bus stop.

Me: Look, that's the bus to Jiufen! Quick, let's get on!

Rick: No! Wait, this is the wrong bus stop - it should be in the opposite direction. That bus is going somewhere else. We need to get on the bus to go to Ninefen.

Me: Huh? I thought we're going to Jiufen - what the heck are you talking about?

Rick: There's the bus! Let's go and get on!

Me: No, no! What the heck are you talking about - what's Ninefen? I thought you said Jiufen?? (as we run across the street to the other bus stop)

Rick: Ninefen is Jiufen!

We get on the bus.

Me: Huh? I don't get it.

Rick: Nine is Jiu, Jiu is nine!

Me: Ohhhhhhhh. Then what does 'fen' mean?

Rick: It means percent.

Me: Then why didn't you just say 'Jiufen' or 'Nine Percent Town'? And why did they name a town 'Nine Percent' anyway? That makes no sense - what's there to do there?

Rick: I don't know, don't ask me these things - there are some Japanese teahouses there and a great view of the ocean, you'll like it.

view of the northern coast of Taiwan

enter Jiufen Lao Jie (Nine-percent Old Street), or knick-knacks and tasty snacks street

you can climb to a better view on Hou Tong, but it was midday and too hot

a street lined with Japanese teahouses

view from A City of Sadness teahouse (wandered in by accident, excellent tea and local sake)

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