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November 10, 2005 – A journey to Yamingshan, Taiwan in Asia

Lost In Yamingshan

One day, Rick and I went to look for this public bathhouse (Matsu Village), recommended by LP Taiwan, in Yamingshan. Yamingshan is just up the mountain from Beitou. So we took the bus up this windy road and got dropped off at the wrong bus stop in the middle of Yamingshan somewhere. In the LP book, it said to walk 3 more kilometers. From the wrong bus stop, we walked down another road which led to nowhere, turned around, and walked all the way to the next bus stop, which turned out to be the correct one. Then we walked another 3 km down from there. This took around an hour and a half with no human contact the whole entire way. A bit eerie, okay. And yes, those stupid hoax stories were running in my head. We finally reached the public bathhouse and it turned out to be not too much of a big deal after all. Plus, too crowded - the open air baths (separated by gender) were over filled with people. We turned around, walked 3 km back to the correct bus stop, and waited for 40 minutes for a bus back to Beitou. Nice hike through volcanic mist though.

wrong bus stop somewhere in Yamingshan

passed a hot springs stream

this sign points to the bushes, misleading

correct bus stop somewhere in Yamingshan

passed a pack of skittish wild dogs

views of volcanic mist and the mountains of Yamingshan

ah, finally, the correct public bathhouse (Matsu Village) entrance

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