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November 9, 2005 – A journey to Beitou, Taiwan in Asia

Recuperating In Beitou

Rick's immune system blew a fuse after coming from China and he ended up recuperating for most of the time in Beitou, a therapeutic hot springs area near Taipei. I found it quite a funny thing to find that Taipei, a sprawling metropolis, has a very tropical and very lush hot springs area only minutes away. The hot springs water in Beitou is a light green. This type of hot springs water is found only in two other places in the world - Japan and Russia. Good deals to soak and/or stay overnight in a hot springs resort can be found in free booklets at the airport and tourist stands. Overnighting in one actually was cheaper than staying in Taipei city itself.

can use this complimentary phone to dial any of the main hot springs resorts for pickup from the Beitou MRT Station

these hot springs streams run by the hot springs area roads in Beitou - you can just dip your feet in if you like

Beitou Hot Springs Park (green sign says to not cook any eggs in the waters)

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