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November 8, 2005 – A journey to Taipei, Taiwan in Asia

Taipei Night Markets - Bring Your Tastebuds

Taipei is inundated with night markets - they are everywhere! The night markets are an excellent place to try the hundreds of different types of Taiwanese street food. Various street snacks range from stinky tofu to spicy fried chicken filet to wax apple fruit to squid potage noodle soup to fish cakes to too many other things to try. When LP Taiwan said that Taipei is for foodies, they definitely did not exaggerate.

stinky tofu, an acquired taste

squid potage noodle soup

a bowl of pounded rice dumplings, Hakka cuisine

skewer stand

fruit stand (wax apple is that shiny red fruit in the upper left corner)

We went and wandered around the biggest night market in Taipei, Shilin Night Market, and the Snake Alley Night Market, where snakes are sold as dishes.

Shilin Night Market snack stands

Snake Alley Night Market entrance

snakes for sale at the Snake Alley Night Market

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