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August 16, 2006 – A journey to Samos, Greece in Europe

A Day Trip on a Greek Island

Early morning, said my goodbyes to Turkey and headed off on a fast ferry to the Greek island of Samos, where Zeus's wife, goddess Hera was born. Samos is known for being a beautiful green island, good for many outdoor pursuits, but especially for hiking.

After a quick delicious fish lunch, took the half-hour bus ride from the major port-town of Vathy to Pythagorio. Pythagorio is a UNESCO World Heritage town because of its ancient ruins. Mathematician Pythagoras was born there too.

bay and city view of Vathy

a pedestrian street in Vathy – it's empty and shops are closed maybe due to Grecian siesta (?)

ancient ruins are dotted throughout the towns of Samos – this one is in Pythagorio

cute little boats docked in a harbor in Pythagorio

Even though the Greek Island of Samos is only three kilometers away from Turkey, found it interesting that the Greek people are physically and inherently quite different from the Turks (in addition to their language of course!).

In the afternoon, left Samos on a big and slow overnight ferry to Athens.

the big and slow overnight ferry to Athens

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