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August 18, 2006 – A journey to Athens, Greece in Europe

A Rejuvenation

After getting off a too long of an overnight ferry ride (docked three hours later after the presumed arrival time – an almost 15 hours journey from Samos Island to Athens), Rick and I metroed into Syntagma Square, the center of the city. We started on foot in search of STA Travel as well as a hotel.

Got some travel business done at STA. Then surprisingly quickly found a great hotel (Hotel Metropolis) with a good price (equivalent to a hostel in a shady neighborhood) at an awesome location close to a majority of the sites right in Plaka – purely by luck. After some rest and for the next couple of days, began a great deal of exploring and walking around the many historical sites and modern areas of Athens.

partial view of the city of Athens, with the Temple of Olympian Zeus (center right)

goddess statues in the Erechtheion at the Acropolis

altar of Rome and Augustus with Lykavittos Hill in the background (center left)

ancient coins dating from the 6th century BC

changing of the guards (hourly) in front of the Greek Parliament

Monastiraki Square – the beginning of Athens Flea Market

elderly Greek men playing a board game, at the same time, selling nuts and sweets

musicians playing tango music in front of an old Byzantine church located at the end of a popular shopping area

Didn't realize how much I enjoyed Athens. Thought it'd be just another modern city from what I heard and assumed. Was I completely wrong about that! Rejuvenated my love for Greek history, mythology, literature, and art. Seeing the ancient ruins (many were quite well preserved too – in comparison to sadly, the literally crumbling ruins in Turkey) made me reminisce fondly of 7th grade world history (thank you Mr. Beaty - a very awesome and dramatic teacher!).

Mythological references that were littered everywhere also reminded me of the Greek literature class I took in university. (By the way, recommend reading Ovid’s Metamorphosis, a long poem beautifully written). My appreciation for Greek culture and history has grown even deeper.

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