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August 30, 2006 – A journey to Peloponnese, Greece in Europe

Days to Remember

Spent the last few days in Greece on the big island of Peloponnese, specifically in the Venetian-influenced town of Nafplio. Have never been to Italy's Naples, but heard that Napflio is quite similar.

A few photos...

this photo concludes that everyone in Greece drinks what they call 'frappe', which is actually made of Nescafe with or without milk and/or sugar

Rick stumbled upon the cutest boutique pension (and the best place stayed at in Greece so far), Pension Atheaton, for an unbelievably good price

a street scene in Old Town

found it curiously interesting and pretty cool to see cushioned rest areas by the sea

999 steps up to Venetian-style Palamidi Fortress, one of the three fortresses around Napflio

view of Old Town, Akronafplia Fortress (on the left), and Bourtzi Fortress (on the island in the sea)

many taxi drivers drive in Mercedes around Greece - uncommon in the States

delicious gelato, Rick attests (and he's not even a big fan of ice cream/gelato)

people taking a morning swim in the sea

On one of the days, took a half-day trip to the ancient ruins of Mycenae. The site was discovered a few decades ago by a German archaeologist during his travels. Homer wrote about this place in the Illiad. Some say that his stories are actually more valid than mythical, according to what has been excavated there!

Ancient Mycenae

a gold death mask of an ancient Mycenae king, which was found in the ruins (note that this is a replica of the original)


Pleasant, wistful memories made. Will miss Greece.

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