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August 19, 2006 – A journey to Delphi, Greece in Europe

L'esprit de Delphi

Since the taxi drivers in Athens have a notorious reputation, Rick and I decided to try out the public bus system. Took Bus No. 24 to Terminal Bus B from the bus stop sandwiched between the front of the Greek Parliament and the National Gardens. After getting on, tried to figure out how to pay. The bus driver told me he didn’t sell the tickets and that I could pay when I get off. It wasn’t until after getting off the bus at Praktorea KTEL (name of the bus stop in front of Terminal Bus B), that I found out that you’re supposed to pay for tickets before getting on the bus. Then you validate them in the machines inside. Without a validated ticket, you can get fined $29 Euros per person. Oops. Good thing no one was checking.

trying to figure out this Greek bus stop sign

So, got the long distance bus tickets to Delphi and off we went.

In the hot afternoon, climbed through the ruins of Delphi. Ancient Greeks regarded Delphi as the ‘navel of the world’. Nowadays, Delphi is considered to be the most spiritual of all sites in Greece.

Theatre (front), Temple of Apollo (left back), and Bouleterion (right back) at the Sanctuary of Apollo

Admired the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo while wandering up to the Stadium. At the top, took a photo and was about to turn back. Then decided to go all the way to the end of the stadium. Since the place was pretty empty, sat at the end facing the other end. With loud insects orchestrating around me, imagined how it was like back in the ancient days.

A serene peacefulness surrounds.

Feel the vibrating energy murmuring from the almost intact ruins.

Walk slowly to the center, the string orchestra quiets down.

A slight warm breeze swarms around.

Hear the echoes of the athletes and the crowd.

sitting, listening, and observing peacefully at the other end of the Stadium in the Sanctuary of Apollo

This place does have spirit.

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