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July 31, 2006 – A journey to Jerusalem, Israel in Middle East

Hightailing It Out And The Interrogation

After a fitful night of sleep, the four of us hightailed it to the Tel Aviv airport. We all changed our flights. Andrea, Rick, and I were able to get a flight out to Istanbul that afternoon, while Jon the next morning (his air carrier has only one flight out each day).

Three hours before our flight, we went to check-in our bags. Now, I have heard of the long interrogations at the Israel airport (and border), but have never experienced one, and never thought I would. Guess we hit the jackpot, because all three of us got interrogated for at least an hour and a half each (at the same time but separately). By the end of it, I felt like some sort of criminal even though I did nothing wrong and had nothing to hide.

signs at the airport

Would've liked to seen Tel Aviv at least. But I left Israel sadly unfinished. Not sure when I will be able to return, because of the current situation. In addition, I do not look forward to going through another interrogation process again.

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