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July 26, 2006 – A journey to Petra And Surrounds, Jordan in Middle East

An Ancient City and a Modern One

After a short overnight rest in Wadi Musa, got up bright and early to see Petra. Petra is an amazing rose-pink-colored city that was built by Arab traders, the Nabataeans. The city is hidden from view, purposely so to avert enemies. The movies, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Mummy Returns, were both filmed here (seems like a lot of movies were filmed in Jordan – another one was Lawrence of Arabia in Wadi Rum and several other sites). The LP Middle East suggests two to three days to see Petra. Since we were on the fast track, saw much of it in a little over half a day.

after walking through a gravel path and a "regular-looking" canyon (meaning not rose-pink colored), got a peek of the main highlight in Petra, the Treasury

side view of the Treasury

Royal Tombs

steps to the monastery

Al Deir, the monastery at the top by the viewpoint

a Bedouin woman walking by the viewpoint

a happy donkey

Didn’t have another day to visit Wadi Rum. Since we've already experienced a smaller version in Egypt (also called Wadi Rum), headed back towards Amman. Planned to stay in Amman. But because of the heavy traffic getting into the capital of Jordan, decided to overnight in Madaba again. Figured it’d take awhile to get out of Amman to catch the midday flight the next day. In any case, got a quick tour of the busy city. Even enjoyed a cup of delicious sweet mint tea from a mobile chay guy at the Roman Theatre.

entering Amman, an urban city sprawl that expanded from seven hills to nineteen

a mobile tea vendor standing next to our driver

Even though we didn’t stay too long in this country, we had a great time. Thought that the Jordanian people were generally quite friendly and hospitable. Countless of times we were invited to have chay (tea) with them. And they knew that we’re American.

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