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August 1, 2006 – A journey to Istanbul, Turkey in Middle East

Ready To Go Explorin'

After three tries (twice in the morning, the last time after lunch), and because the third time is always the charm, we got overnight bus tickets to Cappadocia. After the ticket ordeal, we made our last places-to-see-in-Istanbul-stop to Topkapi Palace (didn't go the day before because it's closed on Tuesdays). Beautiful palace, but truthfully speaking, I was a little bored. After having gone to maybe too many palaces in Rajasthan, India, it was a little overboard for me. But, I was still glad that I did go to see the palace (better than to keep myself wondering what it'd be like or regret later that I didn't go). Interesting to note the differences between a sultan's palace and a maharajah's palace. I didn't think the harem was worth the extra entrance fee – it looked like the rest of the palace.

a hallway in the harem quarters of Topkapi Palace

Glad to have thoroughly seen Istanbul, we headed off to the otogar (bus) station for an overnight trip to magic mushroom land, Cappadocia.

as Rick would joyfully say, 'once again, another night bus..'

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