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August 3, 2006 – A journey to Cappadocia And Surrounds, Turkey in Middle East

Shroomed and Smurfed

Cappadocia, which is pretty much in the center of Turkey, is not just one city like I previously thought. It’s a collection of towns with quirky landscapes. Landed in the town of Goreme from a long overnight bus trip. After dropping off the backpacks at a cave pension (yup, really stayed in a cave), went to wander around the small village. Astounded by the strange landscape and how huge Cappadocia is (since each town has its own unique scenery), decided last minute to hop on a day tour that was about to start in a little over an hour. The day tour included trips to the Open-Air Museum in Goreme, Urgup, Rose Valley, Zelve, and several other places and towns that weren’t within walking distance.

these houses look like some tasty mushrooms I had in Thailand

Rose Valley

believe it or not, that’s actually an old Byzantine church

enoki mushroom houses (actually called fairy chimneys) - doesn't the one on the upper right look like a smurf’s house? la la la la la la la la la la la

Had a great time marveling at the strange landscape in the heat. Have seen many different types of scenery, but nothing like this.

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