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August 5, 2006 – A journey to Olympos, Turkey in Middle East

Staying In A Hippie Commune

After a half-day bus ride, we got dropped off at a random roadside restaurant on top of a mountain. We then took a shuttle down the mountain into what looked like a small commune nested within a forest. The last stop was a little commune-forest, which turned out to be the town of Olympos.

a Turkish woman making gozelme (Turkish pancake) in the random roadside restaurant

Walked around in search of a place to stay for the night. We previously planned to stay in a treehouse because we've never stayed in one before. But we found that most of the treehouses turned out to be just mini wooden bungalows on stilts. Since we've already stayed in a big version of one of those in Lao, we opted for a mini wooden bungalow closer to the ground (note, these are not considered as treehouses even though they don't really look any different).

main road in hippie commune Olympos

After we settled, we went exploring. I was quite amused to see only foreigners in this little village in the middle of nowhere. Felt like I was on Khao San Road again but with more of a hippie and party flavor. We left the main town area and headed toward the beach on a gravel road. We passed a huge group of Italian tourists on the way and quite a few ancient ruins. After we paid the entrance fee to enter the pebbly beach, we found a beautiful beach with clear blue water before us. The only drawback was that it was too noisily crowded and too rocky to get in any good relaxation.

ancient ruins by the lagoon on the way to the beach

the very popular beach

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