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August 14, 2006 – A journey to Selcuk And Surrounds, Turkey in Middle East

The Granddaddy Of Ruins And One Of The Seven Ancient Wonders Of The World

We bussed into Selcuk in order to visit the nearby ancient ruins of Ephesus. You'd think I'd be ruin-ed out by now, but I'm actually not! I just find them fascinating (probably has to do with the years of schooling I had in Greek and Roman history, mythology, art, literature, etc.). In any case, Ephesus is considered as the granddaddy of ancient ruins – even older than the Acropolis in Athens, Greece!

Odeum (a mini-theatre) – ancient peoples seem to like going to the theatre or big public places a lot, because the…

Great Theatre is located at the other end (famous musicians like Sting and Elton John used to play here until a section of the theatre fell off)

latrines built for at least fifty people (yes, people pee/poop here right next to each other in the ancient days)

Library of Celsus up close

After Ephesus, paid a visit to a site known as the House of Virgin Mary. A German woman who was going through stigmata had the site discovered from a vision.

prayer slips at the House of Virgin Mary site

Also visited one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, the Temple of Artemis. Unfortunately, mostly rubble and one pillar are left. The rest happened to be taken away by the British to a museum in Britain awhile ago.

sadly, that’s all what's left of the Temple of Artemis

Selcuk town is pretty cute with more ruins dotted throughout. However, it's really small and reminded me of your average suburban town in America. Though, did get to see some more belly dancing in the evening at the hostel we stayed at. The belly dancer even invited us and a few other travelers to a Turkish nargileh bar afterwards. Good fun!

some ruins in Selcuk town square

Jessica the belly dancer (she’s from California too!)

By the way, decided to skip a trip to Troy. Heard only rocks and rubble lay there, along with a recently man-made Trojan Horse.

the recently man-made Trojan Horse

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