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February 5, 2006 – A journey to Bariloche, Argentina in South America

Bariloche, A Touristy Mountain-Lake Town

Arrived in Bariloche, expecting it to be even better than San Martin de Los Andes. Bariloche, another Swiss-like mountain and lake resort town, was nice but I really didn't feel that it was better. Maybe it's because the town is a lot bigger than expected, and it was quite touristy. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not too fond of mountain towns or any non-city towns with big crowds.

cute Swiss-like buildings in the main plaza

Didn't do too much here, except relax and take care of Rick's digestion issue. I did go on a two-hour run, which I got lost on. Luckily, one of the guys at the Department of Waters knew how to speak English (my Spanish is very basic). He was quite nice and even printed a map out for me on how to get back to the hostal. Now I know how to say 'I'm lost' in Spanish ('estoy perdida').

Lots of cute boutiques, chocolate (which Bariloche is known for) and ice cream shops, tourist souvenir shops, and Saint Bernards.

ice cream shop by the lake - why can't we have more ice cream shops like these back at home??

We wanted to visit the Black Glacier but didn't find out about it till it was too late. I also wanted to go moon kayaking to see the southern hemisphere sky at night again. But it got cancelled due to the sky being overcast. That's okay, it would've been quarter moon anyway.

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