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January 15, 2006 – A journey to Sucre, Bolivia in South America

Sucre And A Visit To Tarabuco Market

We ended up staying in Sucre for quite a few days. Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, is quite quaint and clean in comparison to La Paz. Quite touristy too. After seeing so many museums and colonial buildings in Ecuador and Peru, I decided to amuse myself by doing more outdoor activities and visiting other areas of interest.

a street in Sucre

On the first day, we visited the dinosaur footprints, which was quite interesting. The footprints really accomplished the fact and mental note that they lived on this earth millions of years ago. The colors in the sedentary rocks were brilliant.

footprints of an herbivore

The next day, I took a full day mountain biking tour with the outdoors outfitter, Locots, owned by a Dutch guy. The landscape and trails were amazing, but the mountain bikes sucked big time. Nothing better than riding through traffic from the main square, then onto muddy (it rained quite a bit the night before) and bumpy trails with no shocks (note, I'm being sarcastic here). The whole route was a lot tougher than I expected (but then again, I am out of shape for mountain biking to begin with). It was 30% uphill to the Seven Waterfalls, our final destination, and 70% uphill on the way back. Scenery was fantastic, but my arse had welts at the end of the whole trip.

a very long road down and then up via mountain bike

The day after that, my birthday to be exact, I was about to go on a horseback riding tour through the mountains over cliffs. But then I had this really awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, so I chickened out. I felt bad because Rick enjoys horseback riding and I had to forego the ride. So, Rick took my horse instead while another experienced horseback rider took his. Turns out that Rick's previously assigned horse was testosterone-proned since it had a hard-on the whole time, but he wasn't nearly as bad as the experienced horseback rider's previously assigned horse. The guide took that horse and had a hard time controlling him, since he wanted to run around the cliffs the whole time. He also ran away and they had to look for him.

So, I spent half of my birthday wandering around Sucre. Went to the central market and got some really delicious, sweet, and juicy peaches and mangoes. And the best tasting spicy sausage sandwich (sandwiche de chorizo) ever. I later found out that Sucre is known for this spicy sausage - people all over import their chorizo.

best chorizo ever

In the afternoon, I tried to watch the sun set from Cafe Mirador, which overlooks most of Sucre valley, but it was overcast. I did have a really nice, thick and heavy version of hot chocolate, which they call Spanish chocolate. Then I had a sweet birthday bash at a restaurant, which I forgot the name of. The cake I got had these cool silver mercury-like beads on it, which melted at a slight touch. I wanted to salsa afterward, but apparently there aren't any big salsa clubs around here.

We went to the Sunday market in Tarabuco. The market itself is rather bland in comparison to Ecuador's Otavalo market and the markets in La Paz. I say, if you've already been to the markets in Otavalo and La Paz, skip this one. Definitely not worth the time and money. Instead of taking the booked tour bus back (25 bolivianos gets you a round trip bus ticket with set times, if booked through a tour agency), we took the local bus back early with a bunch of locals and chickens and loud Andean music. The ride back was a lot more interesting than the Tarabuco market on Sundays.

people with lots of stuff to sell in the bags on their backs at the Tarabuco Sunday Market

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