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February 20, 2006 – A journey to Parati, Brazil in South America


Parati in two words: LOVE IT.

I would love to stay here for a very long while. Can't get enough of this beach paradise. But Rick and I are planning to head to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval in a few days.

My expectations of the beaches in Brazil weren't too high after seeing the beaches in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay (water is somewhat murky and quite cold). However, Parati surprised me immensely. The water is aqua-green and warm, and the sands are soft and white.

many endless and empty beaches in Parati

aqua-green water - it's warm and you can see the bottom

And on top of that, what makes this place even more special, you can do any watersport imaginable: sail, scuba dive, surf, kayak, and more.

you can sail your heart out here as there are many islets and islands nearby

The old town is beautiful. The buildings are white with colorful windowsills and doors. The roads are cobblestone. At night, you can hear live Bossanova music from restaurants all over. How romantic!

old town Parati

And there aren't any resorts anywhere.

main street in Parati, no signs of any resorts anywhere (hopefully none ever)

What more can you ask for??

This is paradise.

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