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February 19, 2006 – A journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil in South America

Sao Paulo

I've always wanted to see what Saõ Paulo was like. I'm glad I got to stop by and walk around the city center for a bit before continuing onto Parati.

Rick and I came into Saõ Paulo on a Sunday morning via night bus. In South America, mostly everything closes on Sundays. So Rick and I took the metro to the city center from the bus station and wandered around empty streets for a bit before our next bus. The streets smelled like urine. Sadly, we saw some street kids sleeping on stairs, under bridges, on sidewalks, and in other places. Other than that, Saõ Paulo looks pretty urban with quite a few colonial buildings littered throughout the city.

under the freeway bridge

almost empty pedestrian street with closed shops in the city center on a Sunday

main theatre with fountain in front

local homes seen from the freeway

Saõ Paulo is known as the second most dangerous city in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro. Didn't feel that it was anymore dangerous than Quito, Ecuador. I think you just need to keep your senses alert and try not to stand out as a tourist (don't wear a daypack, keep some money separate from your wallet, don't wear flashy stuff in terms of clothing, jewelry, watches, etc.).

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