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January 23, 2006 – A journey to San Pedro De Atacama, Chile in South America

San Pedro De Atacama, A Hot And Sunny Place (finally!)

San Pedro de Atacama is a little border town in Chile. Lots and lots of backpackers here. I loved the weather in San Pedro - dry, hot, sunny with blue skies - just like California in the heart of summer. I think it may have been also due to the fact that we just came from the highlands, where it was cold most of the time.

We didn't do too much here except rested to get over my lame cough. I also took the time and really handwashed some laundry, because Chile is really expensive in comparison to the other countries in South America (costs $2-3 per kilo for washing - would've costed around $30). Comparable to the U.S., lunch and dinner ranged from $10 to $20 each meal per person.

border crossing - Welcome to Chile

ruins near San Pedro - you can bike or hike to the top from town (about 2-3 km)

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