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January 29, 2006 – A journey to Santiago And Surrounds, Chile in South America

Santiago, Vina Del Mar, & Valparaiso

Santiago looks pretty similar to some of the cities in the United States. One unique observation is that they have ice cream stores everywhere (ice cream is a weakness I have)!

a view of part of the main plaza in Santiago

city view with the Andes in the background

Another observation I noticed is that quite a few Chileans seem to be either ignorant or racist or both against Asians. For example, I took a day trip to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso to visit another seaside town that Santiagoans go to. I was walking from Nobel Prize winner poet laureate Pablo Neruda's home (cool house by the way, overlooks the city and to the ocean), and a bunch of kids started derogatorally going, "ching chong chang, norng, nwong, ning."

Another time, I was walking around the city center in Santiago, and this father and son were begging for some money from everyone that passed them. I just ignored them and the kid threw trash on me and not on anyone else. I don't know what's wrong with some of these people here. I've experienced some ignorance/racism in South America (e.g., many believe that all Chinese people have slanty eyes), but not to this blatant degree.

One more thing I noticed is their accents. People in Chile turn the double 'll' sound into a 'sch' sound. For example, 'pollo' would be pronounced as 'poscho,' 'vanilla' would be spoken as 'vanischa.' They would correct you too if you didn't say it right. Interesting.


Vina del Mar and Valparaiso are cute little coastal towns an hour and a half up north from Santiago. I visited Neruda's house, which is now a museum. I also saw some traditional Chilean dancing in the main square in Valparaiso. Then I lounged around on a beach in Vina del Mar. I wanted to go into the water, but was in a rush in the morning, and so I forgot my bathing suit. The water is quite green and rather cold.

view of Nobel Prize winner poet laureate Pablo Neruda's house from the garden

a beach in Vina del Mar

When I got back to Santiago, I met up with Rick and we went to a salsa club in the Bella Vista area. We ended up having a blast - I highly recommend at least going once when you're in Latin America.

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