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December 5, 2005 – A journey to Quito, Ecuador in South America

Made It To Quito, Somewhat

So Rick and I made it to Quito via a red-eye flight on American Airlines (from the west coast with a stopover in Miami). Our backpacks didn't - guess we will really be minimalist backpacking now, minus the backpacks. Next time, we will bring them on as carry-ons. But we'll need to arrive earlier before departure, since there's the chance of going through a security check, which we did by winning that type of lottery. I don't know what their processes are like, but they definitely weren't efficient. God knows where our backpacks went - they'd probably make it around the world before we do. Funny thing is, I noticed that American is connected with that crap airline that screwed with us in China, China Eastern. Ah, well - will keep my hopes up.

100705 - update: Thanks be to God, we got our backpacks back. But, mine was ransacked. American Airlines took my detachable daypack, TSA lock, bottles of insect repellant (I'm somewhat allergic to mosquitoes too - I blow up) and Rick's deodorant. Also, we bumped into another backpacker we met previously at the airport who had the same issue. I really don't know what's wrong with the security check people at this airline. I admit being without absolutely anything except the clothes on my back was fun for a couple of days, maybe "free" in a sense. But, seriously, they need to target and check terrorist suspects, not backpackers.

O yah, no reparations were made for any of this.

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