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December 9, 2005 – A journey to Quito, Ecuador in South America


jp = japanese, sp = spanish, ch = chinese, fr = french

Ariga..gracias = Than(jp)..Thank you(sp)

Si, duo sao?..cuanto cuesta? = Yes(sp), how much(ch)?..How much?(sp)

El lago, namae? = The lake(sp), name(jp)?

Mas agua chaud, por favor = More(sp) hot(fr) water, please(sp)

La Bodeguita de Cuba wa doko desu..A donde esta La Bodeguita de Cuba? = Where is La Bodeguita de Cuba(jp)..Where is La Bodeguita de Cuba?(sp)

Je ne se = I don't know(fr)..I don't know(sp)

Si, naranja juusu = Yes, orange(sp) juice(jp)

How do these multilinguists do it??

Jack of all trades, master of none. :(

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