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December 8, 2005 – A journey to Quito, Ecuador in South America

More Quito Highlights

Taking the cable car up Telerifiqo, around 13,177 feet or so, you can get a view of all of Quito from north to south (you won't need to walk around a hill to see sections of Quito, like you do on El Panecillo).

view of Telerifiqo

view from cable car

view of mountains overlooking Quito

view of El Panecillo

Watching a music video being shot.

Viewing colonial architecture.

Iglesias de Santa Teresita

Tasting Ecudorian cuisine.

encebollado (a tomato-based soup consisting of fish, yucca, and spices)

empanadas fritos con queso

seco de chico (Ecuadorian-style lamb stew)

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