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December 14, 2005 – A journey to Ecuador-Peru Border Crossing, Peru in South America

Border Crossing From Ecuador Into Peru

Crossing the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border was an interesting experience. Rick and I went with a guide and several other foreigners to do this. After being dropped off at the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border by a bus from Cuenca, we were approached by a group of border-crosser "helpers." The guide then started to make a deal with them in terms of hiring a minivan to take us across, so we wouldn't have to walk a few kilometers through the border streets that are known for muggings, kidnappings, and so forth. The border-crosser gang of men took us to their restaurant, while our guide talked to them in Spanish. We all had lunch there on the second floor, which looked like it was privatized for business purposes. But then one of the foreigners mentioned that he never had a meal in a bordello before. I took a look around my surroundings, and sure enough, there were enclosed stalls along both walls to my left and right.

After the tasty lunch (best lightly fried fish I've ever had, no joke), we got into the minivan and they took us through the muggable/kidnappable streets to the Peruvian migration building, got our stamps, and drove across the border into Peru in one piece.

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