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December 29, 2005 – A journey to Cusco, Peru in South America

My First Taste of Cuy

The towns just keep on getting more beautiful and more historic, the more Rick and I travel in Peru. Despite the touristiness of the city, Cusco is stunning. (Travelers come to Cusco solely as a jump off point to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu). A majority of the buildings are lined with terracotta red-tiled rooftops. The main square is charming and cobblestoned throughout. I like Cusco a lot, despite the cold and dampness (it's wet season right now).

pretty terracotta rooftops in Cusco town

a partial view of the main square, Plaza de Armas, and a house-dotted hillside

I've been wanting to try cuy or guinea pig since Ecuador. Now that I've finally tried it, I won't again. I'm glad I only ordered a quarter. Because a whole cuy would've been wasteful, even though it doesn't have that much meat on it. The texture of cuy is like that of over-roasted stringy chicken. Baked/roasted cuy tasted somewhat like a bit spoiled, sour chicken that had been in the freezer too long. Maybe fried cuy would've taste better, since the taste probably would've been fried out.

everything else on the plate but the quarter of cuy was to my liking - I'm very sorry, cuy

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