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December 20, 2005 – A journey to Lima, Peru in South America


I really enjoyed Lima. Before coming here, I heard all sorts of stories, such as how dangerous it is and that you can't walk anywhere without getting mugged, and that there will be street children clinging onto every single one of your limbs. So far, none of that has happened to either Rick and I.

I liked Lima much better than Quito, simply because the capital seems to be much grander and bigger in mostly all aspects. First of all, Lima isn't landlocked. So, if you want to go to the ocean, there it is. I also feel more safer walking around Lima than I did in Quito. People are milling about everywhere, even at night.

Even the colonial-influenced buildings and streets are bigger and more pleasing to the eye (not that the buildings and streets weren't in Quito). They just seem to be less sad and foreboding. I found the museums and cathedrals more interesting here too. Last but not least, the people here seem to be warmer.

view of Miraflores, the ritzy business district area of Lima, and Lima's coastline (you can surf here too)

the main street leading from the main plaza, Plaza Mayor, to another one

there's even a Chinatown in Lima

though not a very clear picture, this is a photo of an area where they tortured people during the Spanish Inquisition - this place is now part of a museum

inside the catacombs of the Monasterio de San Francisco

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